TAR Talk: The Open Source Revolution

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Don’t miss this latest edition of TAR Talk, where we focus on the open source software revolution.

The Open Source Revolution: Could it lead to a standard product for TAR engines available to anyone for free? Join Tom and John for a TAR Talk look at how the open source revolution is now reaching the legal profession.

Tom and I discuss how the creation of an open source TAR engine for Technology Assisted Review (sometimes called Predictive Coding) might be exactly what the industry needs to:

  1. Provide a standard for using machine learning to make review more efficient and effective;
  2. Eliminate the pre-trial battles associated with TAR 1.0 products.
  3. Provide encouragement for lawyers to use TAR to reduce review costs (a huge benefit to clients)

Could this happen? It is certainly worth talking about. An open source TAR engine could be used by any review vendor to improve its product and deliver a more cost effective review process.

Don’t miss it.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

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