Merlin Foundation and EDRM Announce Alliance to Develop Industry Processing Standards

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We are excited to announce that EDRM and the Merlin Legal Open Source Foundation are engaged in a joint project to develop industry requirements for an e-discovery processing platform.

E-discovery involves the collection of electronically-stored information (“ESI”), the conversion of that data into a usable format, and its review to determine whether it is relevant to the matter at hand. Processing is a key stage in the EDRM model (see below), bridging the gap between identification and collection, and the review, production and presentation of the collected ESI at a trial or hearing.

The e-discovery specifications project will focus on articulating the required steps to transform ESI into a format suitable for e-discovery review. The goal is to canvas legal professionals across the industry to determine what functionality is necessary to meet industry needs around the world. Anyone wishing to participate in the project should reach out to Project Trustee, John Tredennick, who is organizing the EDRM standards team.

The project will move forward in tandem with a project concurrently initiated by the Merlin Foundation and supported by EDRM to develop an industry-standard open source processing platform. Licensed as open source, the software will be available for free. Developers and legal professionals around the world will be invited to help extend and enhance the code base, which will be continually updated to meet future industry needs.

You can read more about this exciting new here.

If you are interested in participating in this project, reach out to:

John Tredennick

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