James McKenna, CIO at Fenwick & West says the public cloud is not only viable but an exciting option for legal

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James McKenna, President of ILTA and CIO at Fenwick & West joined Zach Warren, editor-in-chief of Legaltech News on LegalSpeak, to talk about top legal trends for 2020. In this not to be missed, episode, McKenna says the public cloud is not only viable for legal but also an exciting option to which many are moving.

As McKenna stated:

“in a cloud based world, we have the ability to secure data, we have the ability to monitor data,
we have the ability to make it available to people to different places in a controlled environment
and we also have the ability to delete data by leveraging technology such as information rights management.“

He noted that he and his colleagues are seeing more and more organizations migrating services to the cloud, with a vast majority of developers delivering cutting edge solutions as cloud first. And, equally important, delivering them as on premises solutions much later if at all.

Check out this great podcast at Law.Com.

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