Foundation Members Named to EDRM Global Advisory Counsel

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Mary Mack, CEO and Chief Legal Technologist at EDRM (and Merlin Advisory Board member) announced the formation of a new Global Advisory Counsel today. The new Global Advisory Counsel includes over 35 legal technology leaders from around the world and they will provide strategic advice to EDRM on a variety of issues.

“We are excited by this outpouring of multidisciplinary collaboration and support for EDRM’s mission,” says Mary Mack, CEO and chief legal technologist at EDRM. “Each one of our advisors brings a wealth of hard-won experience, scholarship and expertise.”

EDRM named two Foundation Members to the Counsel including Craig Ball, who was also named General Counsel to EDRM and Executive Director John Tredennick.

“The EDRM has earned its reputation as the voice of independent authority in e-discovery,” says Ball. “Before the EDRM, we lacked a lexicon to discuss and negotiate the nature and scope of e-discovery and had nowhere experts could convene to establish standards springing from technical efficacy, not partisan advocacy. Under spirited new leadership and guided by a distinguished advisory board, I look forward to seeing the EDRM reclaim its place as the most well-informed, trusted source for practical guidance in the field of electronic evidence.”

You can read more about the other members appointed to the Counsel here:

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