Creator: Jonathan Pyle

Jonathan Pyle is an attorney and contract performance officer at Philadelphia Legal Assistance, which has been providing free civil legal services to low-income residents of Philadelphia since 1996. In his spare time (nights and weekends) he also developer an open source document assembly system called Docassemble, which is a featured open source project at the Merlin Foundation.


What is it?

Docassemble is a free and open source platform for the development of guided interviews, expert systems, and document assembly applications.

How did this get started?

Jonathan Pyle started coding Docassemble in 2015 in order to provide a platform for "coding the law" that uses the best practices of open-source software development.

Like many open-source projects, Docassemble is a nights-and-weekends project undertaken as a "labor of love" by a solo developer.

How can I get access to the code?

The source code for Docassemble is available at

What kind of support exists?

There is extensive documentation available at Users can get one-on-one support from the developer and other users on the Docassemble Slack. Information about how to sign up for the Slack group is available at Docassemble has an active user community, with over 450 members on Slack. Several users have published how-to videos on YouTube and blog posts. For the past two years, the Docassemble user community has convened for an annual conference called Docacon (