Docacon 2020

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Attend Docacon 2020, a virtual conference for Docassemble Users and Developers

Merlin Legal Foundation Advisory Board Member Jonathan Pyle will be leading Docacon 2020, an annual conference for the user community of Docassemble, the free open-source platform for the development of mobile-friendly, web-based interviewing systems and document assembly applications.

Mr. Pyle, an attorney at Philadelphia Legal Assistance, is the creator of Docassemble. Docassemble is a platform for creating web applications based on interview questions, which can present one question at a time to the user in order to reach a designated end point in the client interviewing process. This end point may be the presentation of advice, the creation of a signed document or the submission of text to an application, for example.

Wildly successful in the Open-Source legal community, Docassemble has been adopted around the world and is currently being used by academics, solo practitioners, non-profit legal service providers, courts, big law firms, companies that provide services to law firms, government agencies, and many Fortune 500 corporations.

Docacon 2020 provides an opportunity for users and developers of Docassemble to share ideas, offer training and support to further to usage and adoption of the Docassemble platform. During the conference, adopters and developers will sit for Q&A sessions, screen-share custom creations, troubleshoot application issues experienced by users and offer training to those who are new to the platform.

Originally planned as a one-day, in-person conference in Tampa, Florida on June 26, 2020, the conference was moved on-line due to COVID-19 concerns, and will now be held on June 25th and 26th via Zoom Video Conferencing. With both Beginner and Advanced sessions of content available, the flexible format of this years’ conference will allow participants to self-select sessions of interest from the agenda.

Other presenters featured at Docacon 2020 are Sam Harden, an Attorney and Legal Technology Consultant who works with clients to help improve their practice of law and client services via technology, and Quinten Steenhuis, an Adjunct Professor and Clinical Fellow at the Suffolk University Law School who used Docassemble to successfully build a project for Greater Boston Legal Services.

Learn more about Docacon 2020 and register for sessions by going to their registration link.

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